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Reno Mobile Website Design – The Rise of HTML5 Sites

“Here’s Why You Need A  Mobile Website Design Optimized For Local Searches In Reno”reno mobile web design

Hey Friends,

It’s coach Matias and today we are going to be discussing the topic of mobile marketing with our main focus being  the mobile optimization of your current site.

Having a multifunctional website is critical in today’s competitive market place. The picture above speaks for itself, the amount of local searches coming from Mobile devices is insane. Just a few short years ago we were having to search online, write it down and then proceed. Now we can talk to ‘siri’ and let her know exactly what we want , she does the search ‘on google’ and replies with an answer.

Pretty cool stuff huh?

Well if your current website isn’t functioning on ALL mobile devices, you are leaving money on the table and that’s a basic NO-NO in the world of free enterprise. The most important element is making sure your brand looks the same across all devices.

Up until recently we (developers) would have to create customized html or php pages just for certain devices, and keep in mind devices doesn’t just mean a cell phone, it also includes ipads, chromebooks etc.

We recently began building all of our clients sites on Bootstrap ,  which is a universal platform that allows us to integrate html5, wordpress, shopping carts, twitter etc into a responsive theme which auto adjusts to any mobile device. You can learn all the specific details on their website, the point is this, if your current site isn’t running HTML5 or optimized for mobile seo you are missing out on a lot of reno customers.

Take a quick moment to review our portfolio of sites and see how we can help you either develop a new brand and/or convert your current site into a HTML5 site. Make yourself look responsive on all themes, devices and platforms. Learn more here

In Your Success,

Coach Matias