Give Your Truckee Business The Web Design It Deserves!

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Are You Ready To Give Your Truckee Business a Responsive Web Design?

Attracting locals and tourism is a huge part of building a successful brand in a small town like Truckee. There are plenty of resources to expose your business, the key component is the interaction and experiences your visitor has when they arrive at your website. I’ve seen ugly websites out perform great websites, but I’ve also seen great websites increase sales and revenue for many businesses.

Giving your Truckee business the web design it desires allows you to create a unique brand, a unique selling proposition and a customer experience that others businesses just can’t provide.

Investing in marketing is a huge part of building a profitable business, it’s dreadful to see business owners shoe-string everything without ever committing to building a well-designed website.

3-Styles of Web Design For Your Truckee Business

Honestly, anyone these days can go buy a template and build a website. What makes the real difference is understanding direct response marketing and how it benefits the layout of your website. I’m going to share with you three different responsive styles that we develop depending on the business and the purpose of the website.

Different sites have different purposes, an example would be a landing page compared to a 5-page website. The purpose of the landing page is to build a list of prospects you can market to over a period time using email. A 5-page website is more inclined to provided value and information so the visitor can make a decision.

I wouldn’t recommend a Doctor have a single page landing page when they could benefit greater from a 5-page website that shares the potential experience a patient would experience going to see this specific doctor.

Style 1: Above the fold, information driven site.
When we say ‘above the fold’ that means all the information on the website is above the fold on your computer screen. You don’t have to scroll up or down, everything stays above the fold providing the user a really nice and easy to navigate experience.

Style 2: Sales Site
All websites should be ‘sales driven’ to some degree. I don’t care what business you are in, competition is fierce and you must be willing to compete for the same customer. This means the words and images on your site make a huge difference on which business is going to win the customer over. Usually a ‘sales site’ has 3-5 pages, with 1 maybe 2 of the pages usually the home page being 1000-2000 words of content & images selling the visitor the service or product being offered.

Style 3: Blog
Blogging has now become a style of the website, where creative business owners are beginning to provide more content and value upfront to their audience before asking them to buy.

It’s like having a restaurant website in Truckee that blogs weekly about specials and cool recipes they are using. Another example would be a realtor blogging about the housing market and why you should buy now or sell etc.

The point is this, your business is unique. You the leader are unique, so you must develop that unique experience for your customers virtually and physically (if possible). It starts with having a responsive web design for your Truckee business.

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